Our New Rates

Donna’s Ranch is pleased to introduce our new pricing structure.

We now charge a rate for the room and the company of one of our courtesans.  This is based simply upon the time you enter the room, and the time you exit.

Our courtesans will discuss what you had in mind for the party, and they will quote you a price for any extra activities over and above the basic charge for the room and the girl.  If you want any extra services, that is between you and the girl — and would be paid directly to her.

Donna’s simply collects the basic charge in accordance with the schedule below.

 Time in Room  Amount
 1/2 Hour  $200.00
 1 Hour  $400.00
 2 Hours  $800.00
 3 Hours  $1,200.00
 4 Hours  $1,500.00
 5 Hours  $1.800.00
 6 Hours  #2,000.00
 7 Hours  $2,200.00
 8 Hours  $2,500.00
 All Night – 12 hours  $3.500.00

We have an ATM on site with a $3.50 charge, and we accept credit and debit cards with a small surcharge.  (Sorry, we do not accept American Express.)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or discuss when you arrive.