Helpful Hints from a New Girl

If you’ve never worked in this industry before, let me tell you, it’s quite the endeavor breaking into it. I’ve had my first line-up but I haven’t partied yet and already it’s been an education!

First things first. Let’s start with what you need to bring yourself into the world of legal prostitution without having to ask any favors of anyone else.

Pack light. The rooms don’t have room for everything you own. A few decorations, the cutest pieces of lingerie you own, a couple of your sluttiest dresses maybe, your favorite pair (or few pairs) of cute/strappy/come hither shoes, and whatever accessories you might need to dress things up.  Plus whatever you like to lounge around in or cover up with. The swimsuit might be nice to have but it’s optional.

You will need a photo ID and your social security card. Get your hands on a physical copy of this before you leave. You won’t need anything else as far as personal documentation.

The following toiletries and supplies will be helpful:

  • Condoms in multiple sizes
  • Lube
  • Baby wipes
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Strong deodorant – seriously you need to smell pleasant at all times
  • Body wash
  • Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Products
  • Skin,hair, and nail care products
  • Hair removal products
  • Whatever tools you need to style your hair
  • Make-up
  • Nitrile gloves

Also bring whatever you need to keep yourself occupied or entertained. Maybe a laptop or a portable video game console. Personally I brought my guitar and my laptop but really whatever is going to keep you from getting stir-crazy. There is a lot of downtime.

Start-up Costs:

Cost of Travel – this varies widely. It took me about $500 to ride out on my motorcycle. The nice thing about coming out with my own transportation is that I don’t have to pay for rides for things like doctor visits or fingerprinting or trips into the nearest major town for shopping. If you don’t have a vehicle this is an added expense for you to consider.

Doctoring – you’ll pay for this weekly whether you’ve seen anyone or not. The first visit is $120 for blood and cultures to clear you medically and this is an ongoing weekly cost, though it is less on the weekly visits between your monthly blood test.

Fingerprints – This is $40.25 and works for multiple types of sheriff’s card. I got both a prostitute card and a bartending card but only had to pay a single charge for the fingerprinting. This is an FBI background check. I’ve taken the liberty of researching the Nevada ordinances for a comprehensive list of reasons that will disqualify you from obtaining your Sheriff’s Permit.

B.In conformity with the policy of this chapter, the following persons are declared not to be qualified to hold a brothel work card under the provisions of this chapter:

  • 1.A person who is under the age of twenty-one years;
  • 2.A person who has been convicted within the past five years of:
  • a.A felony crime involving the sale of or furnishing of or possession of with intent to sell or to furnish, any narcotic, hallucinogenic or dangerous drug, or conspiracy to so sell, furnish or possess, or
  • b.A felony, gross misdemeanor or misdemeanor crime involving the use of violence against another or the use of any deadly or dangerous weapon, orc.
  • A felony crime involving the illegal use of firearms but not including violations of hunting laws or regulations, ord.
  • A felony or gross misdemeanor crime involving theft, embezzlement or misappropriation of funds, possession of stolen property, ore.
  • A felony crime involving perjury, bribery or fraud, orf.
  • A felony crime involving assault, battery, sexual assault, stalking or harassment, or other physical violence;
  • 3.A person who is presently on probation for any of the crimes listed in subdivision (2) of this subsection;
  • 4.A person who, on appeal or review of a brothel work card denial, is determined not suitable to receive or to hold a brothel work card, after due consideration for the protection of the public health, safety, morals, good order and general welfare of the inhabitants of the city and the general public;
  • 5.A person whose brothel work card has been revoked for failure to report disease or for criminal or other violation of regulations governing houses of prostitution, or revoked for any other cause, whether in this city or in another jurisdiction;
  • 6.A person who, at the time of application for renewal of a brothel work card would not be eligible for the brothel work card upon a first application;
  • 7.A person otherwise barred by the provisions of subsection (B)(2), (3) or (5) of this section may be found suitable, if on appeal or review of denial of a brothel work card, the city council or the person or committee appointed by the city council, finds upon examination of the circumstances of the crime or of the event causing the revocation, as the case may be, and upon examination of the applicant’s criminal history, that the applicant does not present, and is not likely to present in the future, a threat to public safety, morals and welfare, and will likely abide by the letter of intent of all applicable regulations.

    (Ord. 619 § 1.3, 1996; Ord. 452 § 1 (part), 1986: Ord. 431 § 1 (part), 1985: prior code § 20.920)

Business License – This is a license to operate as an independent contractor in the state of Nevada. It will be $200

Sheriff’s Card – This is the card that you need to begin working. It will cost $35. In order to get it you must have your social security card, fingerprints, business license, an application which will be provided by the brothel, and medical clearance.

Additionally, Donna’s Ranch charges $25/day for room and board. You won’t be charged before you’re able to be on the floor, and they may provide opportunities for sidework to offset this if it’s a struggle, but make sure you’re prepared for this expense.

The process when you arrive is as follows:

  • Upon arrival you will be assigned a room. Ask for a different one at your own peril.
  • Your first stop will be doctoring. It takes at least a day to get your results back.
  • Your next stop, within a day or two of doctoring, will be fingerprinting.
  • After this you will take all of your documentation – your medical clearance, application, fingerprinting, business license, and social security card – to the local city building where sheriff’s cards are issued.
  • You will have your picture taken, a print from your index finger will be applied to the card, it will be signed by you and the issuing agent, and then it will be laminated.

At each stop you will pay each individual cost. The total comes in just under $400 for the doctoring, fingerprints, business license, and sheriff’s card. Just so you’re aware, the card says, “Prostitute.” Personally I took a photo to show all of my friends.

Once you have your card you can begin to work.

What does the job really entail?

First things first, get to know the building. If you’re picked in a line-up, you’ll be expected to give the gentleman you’re partying with a tour of the building and explain what is available to him.

There is a bell that will ring when a gentleman has arrived and requested a line-up. Scurry on out and get in line. During line-ups the only thing you are allowed to do is place your hands behind your back and introduce yourself by name. Don’t say anything else.

If a gentleman selects you in a line-up, the next step is to give him a tour of the house and explain what is on offer. Then you take him to your room, negotiate the services you will be providing, and the price for those services.

The next part is literally the least sexy part of the job. You’ve gotta check his dick. This is where the gloves, baby wipes, and alcohol come in handy. You squeeze his dick at the tip, make sure nothing gross comes out (this is for your health and your career so seriously don’t mess around!) and make sure there aren’t any warts or other things that might cause you concern. Hopefully by the time you’re here you know what a healthy dick looks like. If not, Google is your friend.

After the dick check, you take his money, show him to the shower, deposit the money into your deposit box, and fill out the booking log with your name on it. It will include the date, amount of time for the service, cost of the service, any tips you receive, etc.

Then you collect your date from the shower, spray down the shower, set a timer, and get to partying. For your party you will place sheets over the bedding in your room (or whatever specialty room your date has selected) and when the party is over you will strip the sheets to be washed. Offer your date another shower, and maybe a drink.

Then it’s time to wait for the next line-up.